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  1. Students who come to school by private conveyance should arrive at the school before the bell rings for assembly
  2. Students who come to school escorted, should never leave before the escort arrives, in case of delay, they should report to the school office
  3. Parents and guardians must not visit their wards and teachers without prior permission of the principal
  4. Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without the permission of the Receptionist.
  5. They school does not permit the celebration of birthday in the school campus. Parents are allowed to send only toffees for the class. No return gift, cakes & other snacks are allowed.
  6. Care must be taken to observe the “given rules” in order to maintain clean green surrounding. The school premises should not be littered with disposable tumblers, papers or polythene bags, school aims to make the campus free of polythenes, Parents are requested to co-operate in this effect
  7. Nails to be trimmed weekly Boys/Girls are not allowed to grow their nails.
  8. Daily bath is compulsory for all students.
  9. Short button should not be kept open and shirt to be tucked in property irrespective of the dress i.e. uniform or coloured dress. Belts to be worn tightly and visible.
  10. Children are not allowed to bring and use mobile phone in the campus
  11. Using coloured contact lens is strictly prohibited
  12. Tattooing is strictly prohibited
  13. Students must wear their uniform with pride and ensure that they look neat, tidy and presentable at all the time. I-cards for all and hair band for girls are an integral part of the uniform and must be worn at all time
  14. A student must always come to school in neat and clean uniform, also during the practical and special classes
  15. Students are required to attend all school functions/ activites, open house in or outside the school in school uniform only
  16. Students who are not in complete/ neat and tidy uniform can be debarred from boarding the bus/ entering the school
  17. Each student is supposed to carry clean, ironed while handkerchief to school every single day without fail repeated offence in this regard with incur disciplinary action
  18. The length of shorts should be 2” below the knee
  19. Bloomers and under shirts are mandatory for all girls
  20. It is mandatory for girls to wear stocking with their winter uniform
  21. Students are required to wear shirts and tunics/ skirts/ trousers as per the design specifications of the prescribed uniform supplied by the uniform shops
  22. Students are required to wear shoes provided by the uniform shop.
  23. Girls are not allowed to apply heena on their hands. They are not allowed to wear earrings or rings on fingers or nose rings. However a pair of small ear studs is permitted
  24. Girls with longs hair should tie their hair. It is mandatory for girls to wear hair bands in the school campus ,inside the bus as well as outside the school campus while representing the school.
  25. Colouring & bleaching of hair is not permitted
  26. Sikh boys  must wear black patkas/turban supplied by the uniform shop.
  27. Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut a regular intervals and ensure that it remains combed and tidy

Ornaments of any kind, including bracelets nose pins rings on fingers, or elaborate earrings/ ear studs of precious metal/jewels are not allowed, even for religious reasons. The only exception for girls is a pair of small ear studs Violation of this will result in confiscation and/ or suspension. This applies to religious threads, talisman, tika etc as well.


  1. All must come to school on time. Latecomers Will have to get written permission from the principal.
  2. Students must come to school in clean, neat and proper dress.
  3. Uniform is compulsory and should be strictly in accordance with the pattern prescribed by the school.
  4. All are expected to speak English in the School Premises and in the school vehicles.
  5. NO CD, DVD , USB Memory , I pod and books other than text books and note books should be brought to School.


  1. All students using the school bus are expected to be at the bus stops at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus
  2. The bus will not wait for the latecomers.
  3. The children should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  4. No student Should come near the entry door of the bus unless it has halted completely.
  5. All students must occupy allotted seats immediately After boarding their buses.


  1. All students should come to school on time .
  2. The students should always carry and display their I-Cards in the school bus and in school premiss .
  3. Children must move from the Bus parking area without any delay, towards the assembly Ground in orderly manner. Attendance in assembly is compulsory.
  4. All the students Should be present in their classrooms with their class teachers for attendance in the home room period.
  5. No student or groups of students to leave the class without an outpass/clinic pass.

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